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Let’s take a trip down memory lane. . . .

What are a few of your favorite aromas from childhood?

Maybe you thought of basil and oregano spices wafting from a pot of spaghetti sauce simmering on the stove.

Perhaps it was your grandmother’s favorite jasmine perfume or the roses in her garden.

Or maybe what came to mind was the smell of fresh popcorn at the movies, or that “old book smell” in the back stacks of the children’s library where you spent your Saturday afternoons.

Aromas are powerful! Just catching a whiff of a familiar scent can transport you back in time and call up a memory you haven’t thought of in years.

An aroma also has the power to calm you down, set you on edge, or instantly improve your mood.

But WHY?

Why is it the SCENT of a rose that makes us smile or causes tears to come to our eyes? Why isn’t it the red, pink, or yellow hue we see or the silky petals we touch? What’s so special about the sense of smell? And why is it so powerful?

The answer lies in anatomy.

Let’s take things down to a molecular level. Essential Oils are made up of many, many components. What we perceive as an aroma is actually many tiny molecules. We can’t see these molecules, but we can smell them. These molecules get carried through receptors to your olfactory nerve, which sends a message to the brain.

The unique thing about this is that the sense of smell is the ONLY one of our senses that sends messages DIRECTLY to the brain. Messages from all other senses (sight, taste, touch, hearing) make other stops first along the way.

Because the sense of smell is hardwired DIRECTLY to the brain, this sense is incredibly powerful, and this is why certain aromas can bring up such strong memories and emotions.

Given this unique connection, it’s probably not surprising that one of the most effective benefits of AROMATIC USE of Essential Oils has to do with their ability to enhance mood. Emotionally, various Essential Oils can:

• Uplift mood

• Calm the body and mind

• Evoke feelings of tranquility and balance

• Promote a sense of alertness and focus

• Reduce feelings of tension

• Soothe and calm restless feelings

• Help reduce stress

• Promote relaxation and a restful sleeping environment

• Promote feelings of confidence and self-worth

If it’s emotions you’re aiming to support, AROMATIC USE is your best bet!


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