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There are so many amazing Essential Oils out there. It seems like creation has an oil for everything!

So if there’s already “an oil for every issue,” then why do Essential Oil companies create all these custom BLENDS with fancy names? Is it just so they have something else to sell you? If you already have a bottle of Lavender Essential Oil, do you really need something called the Restful Blend as well?

WHY so many BLENDS?

SYNERGY is the concept that when you combine two or more oils, the results will be even more effective than you would expect the sum of each single oil to be.

What we might call a “one plus one is GREATER than two” type of phenomenon.

Sometimes synergy manifests itself when two oils with the same properties combine to enhance each other and their overall effect. For example, when you combine the invigorating aroma of Peppermint with the uplifting scent of Wild Orange or Lemon, the result is one of the most effective blends for helping you wake up or stay alert.

Other times, the power of synergy comes into play through a blend’s delivery system, such as the case of Yarrow|Pom Essential Oil Blend.

Yarrow is an amazing Essential Oil, but the structure of its components makes it difficult to attach to receptors in the body’s cells effectively without the help of the fatty acids found in Pomegranate Oil.

Separately, these oils are satisfactory; combined, they create a powerhouse!

As you can see, BLENDS are created for the user’s benefit. Getting back to the Lavender example we began with: yes, that one oil might be all somebody needs to notice a positive difference in his or her stress or sleep issues.

But somebody else could need the extra oomph synergy can provide by combining Lavender with Roman Chamomile, Cedarwood, Ho Wood, Ylang Ylang, Marjoram, Vetiver, and Hawaiian Sandalwood.


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